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Warning: This is a Weight Loss Product and may NOT taste good to Everyone because of certain plants in the Product. We recommend adding any Natural Flavoring from your Local Grocery Store ( one Example is like the "MIO" Flavor). We cannot make the Product to Sweet for many Health reasons so Please Flavor to Taste

Disclaimer: We ARE NOT Medical Professionals and can't Give Medical Advice. Please Consult with Your Physican before taken this Product especially with your Specific Medical condition. Not Recommend for Anyone pregnant


PLEASE NOTE:  CHECK ALL INGREDIENTS for allergies. These Products Contain Coconut Water Powder




              Irish Moss

                African Mango Extract 


            Garcinia Cambogia Extract 

                   Cascara Sagrada Bark


               psyllium husk powder

                        Beet Root 

                         Green Tea

                       Mulberry Fruit 

                Barley Grass Powder 

                         Coconut Water Powder




                                         B3   (Niacinamide)

                                    B6   (Pyridoxine HCL)

                                    B12 (Methylcobalamin)





100% Organic and Healthy Plant Based weight loss Product


 Please Note: (1) Gallon Water Jug Not included


What Does this Weight loss Product do exactly?

 This is a synergistic blend of clinically studied ingredients to flatten your belly, get rid of toxins, speed up your metabolism & boost your immunity without strict dieting! Unlike other weight loss products, It's simple, it's safe, and it works! This is How myself and other clients lost our belly because this Fat Burner Mix specifically targets your stubborn belly Fat.  



 Please Note: (1) Gallon Water Jug Not included


How to Make the Product by (1) Gallon

  1. Buy any (1) Gallon of Water
  2. Pour a little out into a Cup
  3. Get a funnel and Put (15) scoops of the fat Burner Mix into the Gallon of Water
  4. Close and Shake well!
  5. It's ready to Drink!

My Recommendation:

Remember I took this same Product to Loss (20) Pounds. I recommend That you take your measurements, Weigh Yourself and take a few photos. The reason Why I say this is Because I was losing weight in places like my Back Fat, Waist, Neck and Face. People seen the Results before I really noticed the major difference BUT Once I went back to my Pictures and Videos I was shocked at my Progress. Take the Products consistently! It Works....